Additional Revenue :

Currently the WORLD Protocol is in the possession of 4 X FULL NODEs of the Vitruveo Blockchain.

Website :

4 of 500 units. Which equates to 0.8% of all Tx/n fees on the Vitruveo Blockchain.


Based on your percentage of $WORLD that you own, you will receive the equivalent of Vitruveo tokens generated that week in proportion. In order to receive this VITRUVEO, you need to go to the DAPP on the website and claim.

Synopsis :

  • Every certain amount of time you will be able to claim VITRUVEO from the earnings from the FULL NODES

  • The purpose of this VITRUVEO CLAIM is for holders to be able to claim their share of $VTRV from the $VTRV CLAIM pool corresponding to their holdings every week

  • Holders needs to have $WORLD

  • You will have 24hrs to claim your % (percentage) of VTRV

  • The token claim amount is configured with a snapshot of holders every day 00:00 UTC automatically

  • Unclaimed tokens are paid out to the sub-treasury

  • Their is a tax of 3% per claim of the gift

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