Let us tell you about the super cool Worldwide Events DAPP! This amazing DAPP is all about regular events that give you the chance to earn some mind-blowing surprises, including the hottest TOP 100 Cryptocurrencies out there. How awesome is that?

To join in on the fun, all you need to do is be a proud holder of World tokens and pay a measly 1$ in BNB. That's it! You're in for a wild ride of excitement and rewards. These events last for a whole 24 hours, giving you plenty of time to claim those special goodies.

Imagine being part of a buzzing community, eagerly waiting for the next event to kick off. The anticipation, the thrill, and the opportunity to score some top cryptocurrencies all in one place. It's like being at the front row of a mind-blowing concert, but instead of just enjoying the music, you get to earn awesome rewards.

With Worldwide Events DAPP, your journey into the world of crypto becomes even more exciting. Not only do you have the chance to hold World tokens, but you also get to participate in these incredible events that bring surprises and rewards right to your doorstep.

So, get ready to jump in and claim those special rewards. Don't miss out on the 24-hour window of pure excitement and the opportunity to add some top cryptocurrencies to your portfolio.

Synopsis :

  • Every certain amount of time you will be able to claim a number of different cryptocurrencies

  • Their is a 1$ FEE in $WORLD to participate in the event (token utility right from launch), and that 1$ in $WORLD is 100% VAPORIZED

  • The sole purpose of this Worldwide Events is for holders to be able to claim their share of TOP 100 Cryptocurrencies from the corresponding DAPP to their holdings regularly

  • Holders needs to have $WORLD

  • Estimated rewards per event is TBD

  • You will have 24hrs to claim your % (percentage) of the cryptocurrency in question

  • The token claim amount is configured with a snapshot of holders every day 00:00 UTC automatically

  • Unclaimed tokens are paid out to the sub-treasury

  • Their is a tax of 3% per claim of the gift

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